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Early Autumn, Year 1


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Vast Expanse 1 Threads, 5 Posts Home On The Range by Oryx
09-10-2019, 03:16 AM
Known simply as the Vast Expanse by the locals, very little life can be found here. The majority of the western territory is the Vast Expanse - the dry, cracked earth stretches for hundreds of miles in any direction, making it the largest, and most hostile desert on the continent. Few plants can survive here - mostly small, stunted bushes and cacti, which protect their precious water with vicious spines. Only the hardiest animals can live here - and many of them hide away from the scorching daylight, and only come out once the earth cools at night.
Subforums: Claw Canyons
Death's Desert 0 Threads, 0 Posts
Scorching sands and sand dunes make up Death's Desert, and if the name doesn't turn you away, the summer sun will. Travel here is really only possible at night, at least during the summer. Winter nights here can get quite cold, as well, so all in all, it's quite the inhospitable place year round! The only sanctuary to be found here, are sandstone caverns, and even these are few and far between, and home to many dangerous snakes and scorpions.
Subforums: Sandstone Caverns
Ruby Coast 1 Threads, 9 Posts Ocean Breeze by Mercer
10-01-2019, 02:19 AM
Red sand beaches stretch for miles across the western coastline, and it is this that gives the Ruby Coast it's name. Though the water here is, of course, undrinkable, it makes for a welcome sight in the otherwise parched western territories. Hosting many tide pools and the occasional cove, the Ruby Coast makes for a good place of exploration, among other things. What little rain the region does get, is drawn from the coastal waters and pulled inland, which later falls as rain.
Subforums: Ruby Pools, Ruby Cavern
Reflection Oasis 2 Threads, 18 Posts Pied Piper by Stormie
10-02-2019, 01:38 AM
Known for it's still, mirror-like reflections, Reflection Oasis is truly a place of life among the western deserts, where high heat and arid conditions make much of the land quite inhospitable. While it's more of a lake rather than your typical oasis, the name has stuck with the locals, and because it is one of the only water sources to be found for hundreds of miles, it truly is an oasis of sorts. Though spanning at least a mile across and three miles long, the water is relatively shallow, and is prone to drought in extreme conditions.