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Early Autumn, Year 1


Forums in 'Northern Territories'
Immortal's Range 0 Threads, 0 Posts
The largest mountain range in the land, Immortal's Range is where the Gods have come to rest. Attacked on a near-daily basis by violent winds and biting snowstorms, the Immortal's Range is considered by most to be impassable, and those who have tried, haven't made it back down. The tallest peak is Tor's Throne, and legend has it that for every God's death, a new peak rises from the snow. The oldest peaks are said to house the remains of the oldest Gods.

This area is considered holy ground, and spilling blood is thought to be an affront to the Gods.
This area is considered neutral territory, and cannot be claimed.
Subforums: Tor's Throne, Tor's Tears
Vale of Veils 9 Threads, 65 Posts Autumn's Arrival by Vorilye
10-09-2019, 01:29 AM
A fog-laden valley encapsulated by mountains on it's northern and southern sides, the vale has only one entrance - and exit, as cliffs bar the way eastward. Glacial melt from the northern mountain range feeds into a waterfall, which in turn forms a basin near the northern-central border of the valley. This basin feeds the vale's various streams and creeks. In the heart of the valley lies a coniferous forest, and it is truly here where the vale gets its' name. With cool temperatures even in the summer, the cold mountain air and moist soil causes the forest and much of the valley to be swathed in mist.

Territory claimed by Sacrarium.
Subforums: Immortal's Basin, Godswood
Mt. Veil 1 Threads, 8 Posts High Ground by Orianna
09-23-2019, 06:14 PM
Named such because it's the mountain that creates the valley below, Mt. Veil is much less hostile than it's sister range, the Immortal's. While not the tallest peak of the land, it is definitely the most majestic, with conifers rising almost to the very top of the mountains. Midway up the summit, a small basin can be found, hidden deep between the peaks, and a multitude of cavern systems and caves can be found, too.
Subforums: Starlight Basin, Sunken Caverns
Frozen Wastes 2 Threads, 23 Posts Lithium by Stormie
09-26-2019, 06:27 PM
The Frozen Wastes are so far north that they are forever icebound, with only the rare spruce tree to break through the fields of white. What little water is here, is frozen, and there is very little else in the way of vegetation, save for shriveled, dead grasses buried beneath the snow. Despite this, there is life - large herbivores such as bison and caribou can often be found roaming through the tundra.
Subforums: Volcanic Springs
Avi River 0 Threads, 0 Posts
The border between the northern lands and the rest of the world, the Avi River, while very cold, only freezes over during the winter. Wide and deep, the river is quite dangerous when it's in full flow, usually right after heavy rains or the yearly snow-melt. It's a breeding ground for salmon, and so at least once a year, once the salmon have laid their eggs, wolves, bears, and other creatures can get a free meal.

This area is considered neutral territory, and cannot be claimed.