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Starlight Basin 0 Threads, 0 Posts
Hidden deep between the peaks of Mt. Veil, Starlight Basin is a beautiful place to be, especially at night. When the moon is dark, the stars light up the sky, and each one reflects off of the deep waters of the basin. Deceptively deep, the basin carved itself into the mountainside, creating the cavern system. With the snow melts, the basin and cavern are prone to flooding.
Sunken Caverns 0 Threads, 0 Posts
While only one of its many entrances is actually underwater, the name 'Sunken Caverns' has stuck with wolves through decades. It has a secret entrance beneath the waters of the Starlight Basin, but only the most daring of wolves use that one, as it's a rather long dive to get to, and pitch black. The caverns house precious moonstones, which, when hit by the light of the moon, light up the various entrances in a spectacular show, just like stars themselves.

Mt. Veil
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