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Early Autumn, Year 1


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Iridescent Falls 1 Threads, 11 Posts New Horizons by Kallik
09-19-2019, 04:02 PM
Putting off so much water vapor, the Iridescent Falls see daily rainbows, which gives the falls their name. Located in the heartlands of the eastern territory, they are the largest falls in Kaos, spanning a sizable mile across. While they are not the tallest of falls, they are definitely one of the most visited and well-known. Unlike most of the east, the Iridescent Falls never run dry, making it the only constant source of water in the area.

This area is considered neutral territory, and cannot be claimed.
Subforums: Limestone Overlook
Arid Steppe 0 Threads, 0 Posts
A second, smaller grassland calls the eastern region home; the Arid Steppe is, as its name implies, quite dry. Because it's fairly elevated, this savanna does not flood like its sister to the south, which makes it a relatively stable area to live in. It doesn't have much else to it, save for the Clay Hills and one small creek that, more often than not, runs dry.
Subforums: Clay Hills, Hidden Creek
Ashen Floodplains 0 Threads, 0 Posts
The largest savanna grassland in Kaos, the Ashen Floodplains must deal with both wildfires and floods, with half of the year experiencing floods and the other half experiencing fires. Chaotic to say the least, life, nevertheless, has found a way to cope in the most turbulent of regions in all of Kaos. During the dry season, much of the greenery dies, and most of the prey animals migrate to various water sources. During the wet season, prey is abundant, but hard to catch, and this is all without the crocodiles lurking just beneath the water's surface...
Subforums: Scorchlands
Mirage River 1 Threads, 3 Posts Here and Now by Kallik
10-10-2019, 04:00 PM
This river runs dry multiple times a year during the late spring, summer, and early fall; its disappearing habits have given it the name of Mirage River, and it has cost many a wolf their life during high summer, when water is a constant worry, at least for the eastern lands. Crocodiles infest this river during the wet season, which makes it dangerous as well as unreliable.

This area is considered neutral territory, and cannot be claimed.