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Wildfyre Woods 3 Threads, 28 Posts My Heart I Surrender by Osha
10-02-2019, 06:33 PM
A sparsely vegetated deciduous forest, the area receives a lot of sunlight. Many decades ago, the area was the site of a wildfire, hence the woods' namesake. Some natives think that the source of the fire was, in fact, a fire-wielding wolf, more specifically a wolf from an ancient pack which had been at war with the forest's denizens. Nevertheless, the forest grew back strong, but the land itself is scarred, and as such, the forest remains sparse and open.
Subforums: Burnt Clearing
Windswept Steppe 4 Threads, 39 Posts Dutiful by Osha
10-02-2019, 06:39 PM
Bare, but green, hills make up the majority of the Windswept Steppe, aptly named due to the high winds that cause issues to non-grass plant-life trying to stake a claim in the area. Though quite steep, the top of these hills level out and form a plateau, albeit not a very high one. From the top of the steppe, you can get a good look at the Red Meadow sprawling across the central lands. Lower down the slopes, small trees and shrubs begin to make their appearance.

Territory claimed by Valoton.
Subforums: Jet Plateau
Verdant Valley 7 Threads, 64 Posts Caretaker by Stormie
10-02-2019, 02:17 AM
Full of life, the Verdant Valley is home to all manner of animals, from bighorn sheep that scale the steep valley slopes, to mountain lions that prey upon more than just the sheep. A large waterfall carved the valley originally, and now it floods yearly, forever expanding the valley's reach. Though the central area receives four seasons, the valley itself is significantly warmer in the winter than the rest of the area, as the wind merely passes over it, rather than through it.

Territory claimed by Cosmos.
Subforums: Verdant Fields, Origin Falls
Red Meadow 2 Threads, 57 Posts Coming Down by Osha
08-17-2019, 09:21 PM
Known as the Red Meadow for the color the fields turn as the sun sets, this area is the second largest grassland on the continent. Home to a vast variety of plants and animals, the Red Meadow is a favorite hunting ground for native animal populations - wolves included. Each year, hundreds of thousands of caribou migrate here away from the northern snows, and stay throughout the winter months.

This area is considered neutral territory, and cannot be claimed.
Subforums: Red Copse