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Early Autumn, Year 1


Osha played by Stormie
Osha Tuke
3 Years Female Valoton, Matriarch
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Attributes Statistics
Monochromatic, a beautifully mottled mix of gray, black, and white, Osha takes after her father, as far as looks are concerned. Her eyes are a vibrant, striking yellow. Standing 3 feet tall but weighing a mere 80 pounds, Osha is long-legged and thin-bodied, built for stamina and speed, not brute force.
A gentle soul, Osha puts her family above all else. Loyal and dedicated to her father and Valoton, Osha wants only to succeed in life. At the surface, she is kind, perhaps a bit chatty, and relatively easy-going. Deeper down however, Osha struggles to come to terms with her homosexuality; she fears being rejected by her father especially, and so, she tries to hide her true self from everyone. Aside from this, she is generally in high spirits, and is always willing to help others.
A native of Kaos, born to Inock and Eska (missing), she has been with Valoton her entire life.
Colors: Gray, white, black

Eyes: Yellow

Combat: 1 Scouting: 3
Fortitude: 1 Magic: 0

Health Notes:
-8 health for a successful hunt here.
Can create and control fires.

Enhanced abilities in the summer.
Enhanced abilities in the western and eastern territories.

Rainy weather makes magic use harder.
Weakened abilities in the winter.

Level 0: Can create small embers, can raise her own body temperature, can create smoke, can create small fires lasting up to 1 round. (side effects include overheating, fatigue, and heart arrhythmia.)

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