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Early Autumn, Year 1


Astrid played by Stormie
Astrid Skarsgård
4 Years Female Sacrarium, Pupil
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Image by Kati H. of dawnthieves.
Attributes Statistics
Monochrome for the most part, Astrid is a mix of black and cream and boasts your standard timber markings. She has touches of brown in her pelt - mostly an undercoat, and not usually visible unless she's in the sun. Her eyes are a vibrant, crystalline blue. Astrid stands at 2 feet tall and weighs 100 pounds.
Calculated: Astrid is just as calculated as she is observant; ever aware of her actions, she can be slow to act, but each action has been thought over with extreme care. Everything she does, she does to swing things in her favor.

Cold: Astrid cares for only one person, and that would be her mate. To everyone else, she is cold and closed-off... though, perhaps not on the surface. Good at masking her emotions, Astrid feels little besides a cool sort of neutrality.

Manipulative: Everyone can be used - and Astrid knows it. Forever vying for the favor of others, Astrid manipulates everyone she meets, telling them what she thinks they want to hear... so long as her mate finds it favorable, of course, as she's mute unless he allows her to speak.

Observant: Astrid is a watcher, scrutinizing those she meets with a careful eye. Body language and spoken language, Astrid observes all, and she uses whatever information she has in order to skew things towards her advantage.

Selectively Mute: Astrid has never been much of a talker - she prefers to watch, and listen, and gather information. When alone, she speaks little, once again preferring to observe. She finds words tend to be wasted, and prefers actions.

Subordinate: Though her nature is domineering, she presents herself as submissive. It helps with gathering information - her small stature and submissive actions help make her invisible, and it helps her to de-stress in a strange way. To her mate, she is extra submissive - she does what she is told, when she is told to do it, and she never questions his decisions.

Astrid is a native of Kaos, born in the deep northern territories.
Coat: Black, Cream, Brown
Eyes: Blue
Combat: 2 Scouting: 1
Fortitude: 0 Magic: 3

Health Notes:
-40 health for a successful hunt here.

-29 health for a failed hunt here.

-30 health for a failed hunt here.

Can control light - brightening it and darkening it, making bright lights or shadows.

Enhanced shadow abilities during the night.
Enhanced light abilities during the day.
Empowered abilities during the winter.

Weakened abilities during the summer.
Weakened light abilities during the night.
Weakened shadow abilities during the day.

Level 0: Can create a glow effect in her eyes for up to 2 rounds. Can create a veil of shadows that molds to her form for up to 1 turn. Can flash a bright light from her eyes (strong enough to temporarily dazzle or blind a target) for up to 1 turn. (Side effects include headaches, dizziness, and temporary vision loss.)

Level 1: Can protect a ball of light or shadow that travels in a straight line and disappears after 2 rounds. Can create a beam of light to illuminate an area for up to 2 rounds. Can create a bright strobe effect with her eyes and/or open mouth for up to 2 turns, which can distract, confuse, or dazzle a target. (Side effects include migraines, dizziness, and sensitivity to light.)

Level 2: Can create a thicker cloud of shadows or light that doesn't shape itself to her form, which can be used to protect herself from prying eyes. Can create a small shield or force field of shadows that protect her from minor injury for up to 1 round. Can create a glowing trail of light that lasts for up to 3 rounds. Can "tag" a target with light that lasts for up to 2 rounds. (Side effects include fatigue, migraines, extreme dizziness, temporary vision loss, and light sensitivity.)

Level 3: Can project light or shadows that attaches to, and follows, herself or a target, creating a trail that lasts up to 2 rounds. Can create a larger shadow shield that protects her from moderate injury for up to 1 round, after which she may not use any other abilities. Can shroud a target in light or shadows, blinding them for up to 1 round. (Side effects include temporary anterograde amnesia, sensitivity to touch, and numbness of the face.)

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