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Early Autumn, Year 1


Will-O-Wisp played by Dora
3 Years Other Rogue, Rogue
No Information No Information
Attributes Statistics
Height: 2'5"
Weight: 115 lbs
Will-o-Wisp is a deep black in color, though running through their fur in the most delicate ripples are stripes of auburn. In the bright rays of the sun, the fiery red is loud and demanding of the eye. As if the red embers brought birth to true fire, a touch of smoke follows the lines of ember as if rising above. The bright orange and red of their eyes reflect the colors of their coat, completing their overall costume as Flame Atronach. Their form fitted for that of a fighter, muscles lean and well positioned, practiced. Beyond over all well built, there is both masculine and feminine features to them. Neither seen in one way or another, they are textbook androgynous. It is only assumed when either brings about their personality to help identify gender.
As Wisp, shes a bit sarcastic and hot headed, often finding herself battling her own emotions in order to keep in check. Stubborn by nature, she can realize when she is wrong, and reluctantly relents when necessary. She's very strong in her beliefs, and fights for her freedoms no matter the consequences.
As Will, he is typically a good natured guy, caring of those around him. While he can be the voice of reason in most given situations, he will do what is necessary to save another's life, even if putting his own in jeopardy. When not serving his family or pack in battle, he's a very light hearted individual, who always seems to have a smile.
As for Will-o-Wisp, her true personality is unknown, as she's had a split personality since birth. There have been times however, that both Will and Wisp have a block of time they hold no memory of.
Voice Reference: (Will) Zack de la Rocha

Voice Reference: (Wisp) Otep Shamaya

Family Unknown
Coat: Black, Grey, Russet
Eye Color: Red, Orange
Combat: 2 Scouting: 0
Fortitude: 0 Magic: 0

Health Notes:
None yet
No Information
No Information
No Information