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09-13-2019, 02:07 AM
Character Maintenance 42 Threads, 76 Posts Alpha Activity Checks by Vex
10-03-2019, 03:37 AM
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Survival Maintenance 1 Threads, 9 Posts Example Fight Thread by Vorilye
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For all things survival related!

Immortal's Range 0 Threads, 0 Posts
The largest mountain range in the land, Immortal's Range is where the Gods have come to rest. Attacked on a near-daily basis by violent winds and biting snowstorms, the Immortal's Range is considered by most to be impassable, and those who have tried, haven't made it back down. The tallest peak is Tor's Throne, and legend has it that for every God's death, a new peak rises from the snow. The oldest peaks are said to house the remains of the oldest Gods.

This area is considered holy ground, and spilling blood is thought to be an affront to the Gods.
This area is considered neutral territory, and cannot be claimed.
Subforums: Tor's Throne, Tor's Tears
Vale of Veils 9 Threads, 65 Posts Autumn's Arrival by Vorilye
10-09-2019, 01:29 AM
A fog-laden valley encapsulated by mountains on it's northern and southern sides, the vale has only one entrance - and exit, as cliffs bar the way eastward. Glacial melt from the northern mountain range feeds into a waterfall, which in turn forms a basin near the northern-central border of the valley. This basin feeds the vale's various streams and creeks. In the heart of the valley lies a coniferous forest, and it is truly here where the vale gets its' name. With cool temperatures even in the summer, the cold mountain air and moist soil causes the forest and much of the valley to be swathed in mist.

Territory claimed by Sacrarium.
Subforums: Immortal's Basin, Godswood
Mt. Veil 1 Threads, 8 Posts High Ground by Orianna
09-23-2019, 06:14 PM
Named such because it's the mountain that creates the valley below, Mt. Veil is much less hostile than it's sister range, the Immortal's. While not the tallest peak of the land, it is definitely the most majestic, with conifers rising almost to the very top of the mountains. Midway up the summit, a small basin can be found, hidden deep between the peaks, and a multitude of cavern systems and caves can be found, too.
Subforums: Starlight Basin, Sunken Caverns
Frozen Wastes 2 Threads, 23 Posts Lithium by Stormie
09-26-2019, 06:27 PM
The Frozen Wastes are so far north that they are forever icebound, with only the rare spruce tree to break through the fields of white. What little water is here, is frozen, and there is very little else in the way of vegetation, save for shriveled, dead grasses buried beneath the snow. Despite this, there is life - large herbivores such as bison and caribou can often be found roaming through the tundra.
Subforums: Volcanic Springs
Avi River 0 Threads, 0 Posts
The border between the northern lands and the rest of the world, the Avi River, while very cold, only freezes over during the winter. Wide and deep, the river is quite dangerous when it's in full flow, usually right after heavy rains or the yearly snow-melt. It's a breeding ground for salmon, and so at least once a year, once the salmon have laid their eggs, wolves, bears, and other creatures can get a free meal.

This area is considered neutral territory, and cannot be claimed.

Iridescent Falls 1 Threads, 11 Posts New Horizons by Kallik
09-19-2019, 04:02 PM
Putting off so much water vapor, the Iridescent Falls see daily rainbows, which gives the falls their name. Located in the heartlands of the eastern territory, they are the largest falls in Kaos, spanning a sizable mile across. While they are not the tallest of falls, they are definitely one of the most visited and well-known. Unlike most of the east, the Iridescent Falls never run dry, making it the only constant source of water in the area.

This area is considered neutral territory, and cannot be claimed.
Subforums: Limestone Overlook
Arid Steppe 0 Threads, 0 Posts
A second, smaller grassland calls the eastern region home; the Arid Steppe is, as its name implies, quite dry. Because it's fairly elevated, this savanna does not flood like its sister to the south, which makes it a relatively stable area to live in. It doesn't have much else to it, save for the Clay Hills and one small creek that, more often than not, runs dry.
Subforums: Clay Hills, Hidden Creek
Ashen Floodplains 0 Threads, 0 Posts
The largest savanna grassland in Kaos, the Ashen Floodplains must deal with both wildfires and floods, with half of the year experiencing floods and the other half experiencing fires. Chaotic to say the least, life, nevertheless, has found a way to cope in the most turbulent of regions in all of Kaos. During the dry season, much of the greenery dies, and most of the prey animals migrate to various water sources. During the wet season, prey is abundant, but hard to catch, and this is all without the crocodiles lurking just beneath the water's surface...
Subforums: Scorchlands
Mirage River 1 Threads, 3 Posts Here and Now by Kallik
10-10-2019, 04:00 PM
This river runs dry multiple times a year during the late spring, summer, and early fall; its disappearing habits have given it the name of Mirage River, and it has cost many a wolf their life during high summer, when water is a constant worry, at least for the eastern lands. Crocodiles infest this river during the wet season, which makes it dangerous as well as unreliable.

This area is considered neutral territory, and cannot be claimed.

Wildfyre Woods 3 Threads, 28 Posts My Heart I Surrender by Osha
10-02-2019, 06:33 PM
A sparsely vegetated deciduous forest, the area receives a lot of sunlight. Many decades ago, the area was the site of a wildfire, hence the woods' namesake. Some natives think that the source of the fire was, in fact, a fire-wielding wolf, more specifically a wolf from an ancient pack which had been at war with the forest's denizens. Nevertheless, the forest grew back strong, but the land itself is scarred, and as such, the forest remains sparse and open.
Subforums: Burnt Clearing
Windswept Steppe 4 Threads, 39 Posts Dutiful by Osha
10-02-2019, 06:39 PM
Bare, but green, hills make up the majority of the Windswept Steppe, aptly named due to the high winds that cause issues to non-grass plant-life trying to stake a claim in the area. Though quite steep, the top of these hills level out and form a plateau, albeit not a very high one. From the top of the steppe, you can get a good look at the Red Meadow sprawling across the central lands. Lower down the slopes, small trees and shrubs begin to make their appearance.

Territory claimed by Valoton.
Subforums: Jet Plateau
Verdant Valley 7 Threads, 64 Posts Caretaker by Stormie
10-02-2019, 02:17 AM
Full of life, the Verdant Valley is home to all manner of animals, from bighorn sheep that scale the steep valley slopes, to mountain lions that prey upon more than just the sheep. A large waterfall carved the valley originally, and now it floods yearly, forever expanding the valley's reach. Though the central area receives four seasons, the valley itself is significantly warmer in the winter than the rest of the area, as the wind merely passes over it, rather than through it.

Territory claimed by Cosmos.
Subforums: Verdant Fields, Origin Falls
Red Meadow 2 Threads, 57 Posts Coming Down by Osha
08-17-2019, 09:21 PM
Known as the Red Meadow for the color the fields turn as the sun sets, this area is the second largest grassland on the continent. Home to a vast variety of plants and animals, the Red Meadow is a favorite hunting ground for native animal populations - wolves included. Each year, hundreds of thousands of caribou migrate here away from the northern snows, and stay throughout the winter months.

This area is considered neutral territory, and cannot be claimed.
Subforums: Red Copse

Murky Mire 0 Threads, 0 Posts
Thick, black waters give the Murky Mire it's name - all sucking mud and rotting vegetation. To say the mire is distasteful is an understatement; swarms of insects, hungry crocodiles, and fetid, unsafe water all contribute to this swamp. Dangerous and deadly, only the truly brave would bother to come here.
Clouded Forest 0 Threads, 0 Posts
While it's technically a jungle, many call this area the Clouded Forest, mostly for the fog that seems to come from the very trees themselves. This area sees rain almost daily, and it's a wonder that the jungle hasn't drowned. The ground is always damp here, and crawling with all manner of insects, reptiles and amphibians. Deep in the jungle lies a ravine - but more often than not, it's discovered accidentally via falling. Another curious landmark is a snowy mountain that rises tall above the jungle, an odd, stark white mass against the thick green trees.
Subforums: Mt. Engima, Tangled Ravine
Whitewater Overlook 0 Threads, 0 Posts
Without a doubt, the Whitewater Overlook is the tallest waterfall in Kaos. Torrential rain feeds these falls, and hundreds of rocks and boulders churn the water into dangerous white rapids. Even so, it's a beautiful place to visit - provided you stay on one of the many, large ledges around the falls, and don't try to swim in them. The best ledges are somewhat difficult to get to, as they divide the waterfall in multiple places.

This area is considered neutral territory, and cannot be claimed.
Subforums: Whitewater Basin
Cloaked Cove 1 Threads, 8 Posts Paradise Lost by Turk
08-27-2019, 02:19 AM
Surrounded by rain forest on all sides - barring the southernmost point of ocean, of course - the cove is fairly concealed, with very little thinning of the trees before you are suddenly thrust into sand and open space. A relatively small beach, the Cloaked Cove's main attraction is the stepping boulders that lead out into the sea.
Subforums: Stepping Stones

Vast Expanse 1 Threads, 5 Posts Home On The Range by Oryx
09-10-2019, 03:16 AM
Known simply as the Vast Expanse by the locals, very little life can be found here. The majority of the western territory is the Vast Expanse - the dry, cracked earth stretches for hundreds of miles in any direction, making it the largest, and most hostile desert on the continent. Few plants can survive here - mostly small, stunted bushes and cacti, which protect their precious water with vicious spines. Only the hardiest animals can live here - and many of them hide away from the scorching daylight, and only come out once the earth cools at night.
Subforums: Claw Canyons
Death's Desert 0 Threads, 0 Posts
Scorching sands and sand dunes make up Death's Desert, and if the name doesn't turn you away, the summer sun will. Travel here is really only possible at night, at least during the summer. Winter nights here can get quite cold, as well, so all in all, it's quite the inhospitable place year round! The only sanctuary to be found here, are sandstone caverns, and even these are few and far between, and home to many dangerous snakes and scorpions.
Subforums: Sandstone Caverns
Ruby Coast 1 Threads, 9 Posts Ocean Breeze by Mercer
10-01-2019, 02:19 AM
Red sand beaches stretch for miles across the western coastline, and it is this that gives the Ruby Coast it's name. Though the water here is, of course, undrinkable, it makes for a welcome sight in the otherwise parched western territories. Hosting many tide pools and the occasional cove, the Ruby Coast makes for a good place of exploration, among other things. What little rain the region does get, is drawn from the coastal waters and pulled inland, which later falls as rain.
Subforums: Ruby Pools, Ruby Cavern
Reflection Oasis 2 Threads, 18 Posts Pied Piper by Stormie
10-02-2019, 01:38 AM
Known for it's still, mirror-like reflections, Reflection Oasis is truly a place of life among the western deserts, where high heat and arid conditions make much of the land quite inhospitable. While it's more of a lake rather than your typical oasis, the name has stuck with the locals, and because it is one of the only water sources to be found for hundreds of miles, it truly is an oasis of sorts. Though spanning at least a mile across and three miles long, the water is relatively shallow, and is prone to drought in extreme conditions.

Event Archives 1 Threads, 12 Posts Tor's Awakening by Eska
08-12-2019, 04:42 AM
IC Archives 27 Threads, 232 Posts oh, you wanna find hell w... by Osha
09-11-2019, 03:53 AM
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