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Full Version: Coming Down
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There had always been something about the meadow at sunset that set the women's mind at ease. Red was a color often associated with blood, rage, death... but here it meant nightfall, and the coming of sleep. Domita had found herself a quiet perch atop a smooth stone, and from it she could see the grasses delicately waving in the breeze, a pair of dragonflies playing out an acrobatic ballet, and a squirrel chattering angrily as it seemed to furiously search the ground for a tasty treat. The woman heaved a contented sigh, turquoise eyes drifting shut as the breeze ruffled her fur, and she lost herself in the sounds of the meadow.
Kallik felt so at peace in the meadow that she didn't quite want to leave just yet. The meadow itself spanned for miles - waves of tall grass, so long and thin that as the sun danced across the sky, they turned a reddish hue. It truly was beautiful. Heaving a soft, contented sigh, Kallik pushed forward through the grass, pausing every once in a while to sniff at the air. After a few minutes of wandering slowly, she caught the scent of a stranger female - it seemed the meadow was a popular place, which Kallik understood.

Slowly moving towards the stranger, Kallik saw her above the grass, up on a large rock. The night was too peaceful to warrant any trouble, so she just spoke up, slightly amused, "It seems I'll be meeting a lot of others here."
The woman had begun to teeter on the edge of sleep. Her mind mixed the peaceful sounds of her reality with the faraway sounds of a dreamscape. As such, she jolted slightly at the sound of an unfamiliar voice - one laced with the barest hints of amusement. Her eyes fluttered open and she turned her head slightly to stare back into a pair of glittering emerald eyes. A lazy half smile tugged slowly at her lips, and the woman offered a rueful chuckle. So she had been caught napping - at least this stranger seemed friendly... for now. "I imagine I'm not the only soul who finds her peace here. I admit I've been lucky not to have encountered many others here... it's usually rather quiet," she sighed, giving the other woman a brief once over. "Do you make a habit of interrupting the peaceful naps of complete strangers?"
Kallik snickered once, a small, somewhat harsh sound, yet also still amused. She shrugged a shoulder at the woman, and said airily, "Ah, well - wouldn't you know it, the other day I kept some poor girl from wasting away." Something about the meadow, the way the winds moved each blade of grass, calmed her and kept her in high spirits. "I imagine the silence of death would be highly undesired... can't blame me for just checking, right?" She snickered again, eyes alight with mischief. "So.... tell me, do I need to feed you, too, or is that something you can handle yourself?"
The stranger snickered, and Domita quirked a brow at her, though she couldn't help the hint of a smile that glittered in her gaze. She hummed thoughtfully, taking in the story the woman painted of saving a girl from wasting away, her expression growing more and more curious with each moment that passed. "To some, perhaps... some morbid souls crave death, even going so far as to seek it out for themselves. I'm not one of them. I rather enjoy life - and I've worked hard to keep mine," she sighed, her voice gruff as she stood and shook out her coat.

"I get by just fine on my own most days," she chuckled, hopping down from her perch to stand before the other woman. She was just slightly taller than the stranger, though it was evident that the other woman had a few pounds on her. Impressive... she thought absently. She heaved another sigh, her lips tugging into another lazy smile, and she flicked her tail gently behind her. "I'm Domita. Who are you, o mighty meadow guardian?" Now, it was her eyes that glittered with well-meaning mischief.
The woman - Domita - talking about her struggle with life - or was Kallik reading into this too much? - made the red woman think of her own past struggles... Elaina had been a terrible mother, abusive and twisted out of her right mind. Grief, probably. Kallik had never cared - Elaina's choices had been her own, and her choice to deny love to her only daughter...

Kallik snorted softly, nodding to Domita and saying, "I guess I could say the same... though I wonder, is working hard the same as struggling?" She shook her head and muttered, "But that doesn't matter. My name's Kallik - but I kind of like this whole 'meadow guardian' thing." She chuckled a little. "I've been staying here... mostly because I heard some others calling nearby. Might be a pack starting up... I dunno. Don't really care, honestly."

She cleared her throat, suddenly realizing she'd been blabbering on about random stuff... probably because she didn't like to talk about herself.
The stranger seemed lost in thought for a time, and Domita took the opportunity to study her a bit closer. She seemed well-fed, confident in herself... yet still somehow guarded, as though she lived her life hidden behind walls of her own design. She could appreciate that in her own way - she had suffered enough loss in her life to make her jaded. Domita grinned mischievously at the woman's response, and loosed a low, rasping chuckle. "A fair question - and the answer, I think, lies in who you ask," she mused, cocking her head slightly as she looked upon this Kallik with renewed appreciation. In many ways, she reminded her of herself. "I've never been interested much in the creation or destruction of packs. Too many wolves can get too messy for my taste... I prefer solitude, and living my life without too many ties. You strike me as somebody who can appreciate that. We're a rare breed."
Kallik nodded simply, watching Domita as she spoke. Normally, Kallik avoided strangers, but she had been getting lonely lately... Meeting Rigby, and then Callisto, had reminded her that no wolf should truly live alone. That being said, she'd always been more comfortable around females. Domita seemed relaxed enough for Kallik, at least. They seemed to share similar outlooks on life, and other things.

Snorting, Kallik said, "Yeah, yeah, for sure. I've been a loner my entire life... wouldn't mind dying one, exactly, but I think I've been alone for too long." She gave a huff, then shrugged and asked, "So... Domita. Are you from around here? I was born in the valley myself, but with this new pack, it seems the valley is... off limits." Kallik smirked, her words implying that she didn't care either way.

"Can't say I'm dying to go back, though."
Domita chuckles, a deep throaty sound, and gave Kallik an approving once over. It wasn't often she met somebody she could get along with so easily - after all, she was the furthest thing from a social butterfly. Her ears perked slightly at the other women's question, and nodded her head slowly. "I'm a local too, born and raised deep in the woods... my natal pack is long gone though. They sought greener pastures after... well, let's call it a string of bad luck. I chose not to follow, for many reasons - but let's suffice to say I'm a creature of comfort, and my comfort lies in Kaos," she sighed, her expression darkening slightly as she wrapped up, almost as though the memories were painful to recall.
Kallik nodded at Domita's words, feeling as though she actually understood the other woman. It was honestly never that Kallik had actually been able to compare herself to another. Clearing her throat, and trying to change the conversation so neither of them had to dwell on their pasts any more than necessary, Kallik said, "Hey, so uh - care for a hunt? When I um... when I helped the girl, from before, I just let her have the whole fucking deer. She needed it way more than I did at the time, but... I mean, I could go for something." She coughed, feeling awkward, and her ears tilted back slightly.
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