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Early Autumn, Year 1


Vorilye played by Dora
Vorilye Cruor
3 Years Male Sacrarium, Harbinger
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here, here, and here.
Attributes Statistics
Height: 3ft Weight: 125 lbs Darker than obsidian, Vorilye's pelt reflects a blue tint within the brilliant light of the blazing sun. Sleek and smooth, much like who this brute is at the core, one need not look further than the glossy gleam of his ebony pelt to know his is... quite touchable. Longer along his back and down to the tip of his tail, fading to shorter lengths until melting seamlessly into his limbs. Long lean limbs perfectly sculpted with toned muscles anchor to the core of a runner. Clearly built for speed, shrouded in shadows, Vorilye peers out at his victims through ghostly silver eyes, the soft grays reflecting with the moons light to cast his own gaze upon all those beneath him. Not overly large, Vorilye needs not stand solid but run circles around those that oppose him.
He is bewitching, possessive, tenacious, and with a tendency for savagery. Very much superior than all others, while gifted with that privilege, the brute fought hard to keep it. Any who cross him or those he cares for, specifically his family, even more specifically Vex, Vorilye will not only watch die a horrific death, but would be the cause of it... one way or another. Loyal to his family alone, all others fall victim to his charm or fury. Love him or hate him, this brute will make an impact wherever he steps foot, and either you are in his way, or helping to pave it.
Native to Kaos: You'll learn more about this as you get to know him. No sneak previews ;)
Colors: Black

Eyes: Silver, Grey

Combat: 2 Scouting: 0
Fortitude: 0 Magic: 3

Health Notes:
-27 health for a failed hunt here.
Able to shift into the form of various creatures.

Gains the strengths and abilities of the animal. (Ex. Birds can fly, Fish can breath water)
The more the power is used, the more conditioning done to the body to overcome the negative effects.

Must know of the animals existence in order to shape shift into its form.
Gains the weaknesses/restrictions of the animal (Ex. Fish cannot breathe air)
Shifting is incredibly painful and draining the larger the size difference.
The longer a shift is held, the harder it is to revert.
Possibility of remaining permanently shifted.
Shifting into other on-site (not random) wolves gives him temporary amnesia.
Shifting into a mythical beast renders him unable to use magic for 1 month.

Current Abilities

LVL 0 - Prey only. 70% Chance shift won't take. 90% detectable. 10% resistant to animal instincts.
LVL 1 - Predator and Prey only. 50% Chance shift won't take. 80% detectable. 20% resistance to animal instinct.
LVL 2 - Prey, Predator, Aquatic only. 30% Chance shift won't take. 60% detectable. 40% resistance to animal instinct.
LVL 3 - Prey, Predator, Aquatic, Avian only. 20% Chance shift won't take. 40% detectable. 60% resistance to animal instinct.
LVL 4 - Prey, Predator, Aquatic, Avian, Wolves only. 10% Chance shift won't take. 20% detectable. 80% resistance to animal instinct.
LVL 5 - Prey, Predator, Aquatic, Avian, Wolves, Mystical Beasts. 1% Chance shift won't take. Undetectable. Completely resistance to animal instinct.

No Information
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