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Early Autumn, Year 1


Ymir played by Moon Moon
3 Female Valoton, Captain
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image by Kati H. of dawnthieves. Edits by Stormie.
Attributes Statistics
Standing 2.5 feet tall and weighing 120 lbs, Ymir is relatively stocky. Well-muscled, she's built to fight. Made up of rich russet and deep blacks, accented with creams, whites and browns, she's like many other timber wolves. What makes her more noticeable however, is the white accenting underneath her eyes, which are a deep, spiceberry pink.
Ymir is, at times, a bit standoffish to those she doesn't know, but to her friends she is fiercely protective. A natural flirt as well, much of her interactions with others have some form of teasing involved, or else a heavy dose of sarcasm. Headstrong, she isn't afraid to jump into any sort of conflict, but she also tends to do things her own way, rather than follow someone else's ideas.
Ymir is an outsider of Kaos. She joined Valoton when she was 2 years old.
Colors: Russet, black, cream, white, brown

Eyes: Pink

Combat: 4 Scouting: 1
Fortitude: 2 Magic: 0

Health Notes:
-15 health for a successful hunt here.
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