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Early Autumn, Year 1


Arla played by Cactus
3 Years Female Inactive, Rogue
the cactus cooler No Information
Attributes Statistics
Height: 2 feet. Weight: 97 pounds. Arla stands a bit shorter than most. She prefers it this way, closer to the ground that comforts and keeps her. She's a slender, agile wolf, who may not have the brute strength of the warrior but makes up for it in brains. Her eyes are a deep auburn. They peer out behind a creamy, off-white face. Her coat is a fairly consistent color throughout but often quite dirty and sometimes matted in places when she has no time to rest and groom. She runs with a cautious, quick gait, picking her way through even the softest terrain as if it was sharpened stone. Arla is constantly aware of her smaller size and takes extra pains to not open herself up to additional threats.
Arla is the epitome of hypervigilance. Even while asleep, her body seems tense. Almost completely useless in a real fight, she does her very best to guard herself against strangers and large prey. While traveling, she's constantly scanning her surroundings. Her fear embarrasses her, but the idea of her freedom being taken drives her ever onward. Her greatest goal in life is simply survival, and to come and go where she pleases. She strives not for power or even really for love, but to make it from point A to point B. She's somewhat cynical due to this. Friendships take quite a while to develop for her as she is extremely slow to trust. Currently without a pack, she is searching for a safe home, preferably one where she can retain her sense of self. Arla is also quite superstitious and religious and a follower of Mephitira. Her greatest strength is the hunt and so she looks to the goddess of the Great Hunt for guidance.
Born north of Kaos to a family of simple wolves, Arla left home when a rival pack began to encroach upon her family's territory. Rather than attempt to fight, most of her original pack submitted to their rivals. Unable to fight but unwilling to give in, Arla began traveling south at around the age of two with one of her sisters. Five months after their journey began, the two parted ways. Arla followed the coast into Kaos, then went inland to the central territories where she is now most often found.
Coat: Cream, White
Eyes: Auburn
Combat: 0 Scouting: 3
Fortitude: 2 Magic: 0

Health Notes:
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