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Early Autumn, Year 1


Veil played by Jelly
1 Year Female Inactive, Slave
No Information No Information
Attributes Statistics

Veil's small stature is a product of her early malnutrition as a child. She will likely never grow to her full potential and remains a petite 57lbs, only reaching 2.1ft at the shoulder. Her musculature is largely underdeveloped for her age but is hidden by a thick coat of raven-black fur. She bares no markings on her completely solid coat, the deep onyx hue only broken by a set of round lilac eyes.
Prone to making brash or emotionally charged decisions, Veil has a naturally volatile personality which can often lead her into trouble. Despite an obvious sense of superiority over others, she is inclined to become overly sensitive if she isn't met with strong support from those she admires. To strangers, she initially comes off as shy and reserved, but it usually does not take long for her to warm up to the idea of company and she can be quite charming if she puts her mind to it. She is curious about people and finds immense satisfaction in discovering what makes them tick.
Veil tends to keep her early life to herself and is unwilling to share the details of her childhood with anyone. As far as she is concerned, her life started when she was discovered at six-months-old by Vex Cruor. Alone, starving, and without a name, the girl was taken under the Vicera's wing as her personal servant where she was nursed back to health.
Colors: Black

Eyes: Purple

Combat: 0 Scouting: 0
Fortitude: 0 Magic: 2

Health Notes:
None yet
Ability to form telepathic links with others.

Able to transplant thoughts and visions into the mind of other wolves. She is not able to read another's thoughts directly but she can perceive intentions and feelings. If she maintains eye contact with the other person, her abilities are much more stable.

Her abilities create an "open-connection" between two minds. If an individual becomes aware their thoughts are being tampered with they could theoretically flood her with information to an overwhelming degree. This could potentially cause permanent damage to certain aspects of her personality or memories when it becomes difficult to discern which thoughts are foreign and which are her own. General ability use causes mental fatigue, with the risk of mental breaks rising the longer and more frequently she uses her powers.

LVL 0 - Confusion. Able to momentarily confuse or muddle a person's thoughts.

LVL 1 - Whispers. Able to reach into other people's minds with her voice. Her "voice" can be indistinguishable from the host's native thoughts but is usually weaker, akin to something scratching at the back of their mind.

LVL 2 - Feelings. Able to make others feel temporary bursts of emotions. Some wolves are more susceptible to this than others. Like the emotions they embody, this ability is volatile and difficult to control. She can construct the emotion, but she cannot predict who or what it will be directed towards.

LVL 3 - Visions. These can be places, people, or events. Fictional or otherwise, they are often very specific. This ability causes extreme mental fatigue for the caster and should not be used at length.

LVL 4 - Telephone. She can communicate long-distance with individuals to relay simple messages. Usually, these messages come in a distorted flash of pictures, emotions, or vague whispers. The longer the distance the more diluted the original message becomes.

LVL 5 - Mass Hysteria. Can relay the same message, emotion or vision to a multitude of wolves over a short distance instantaneously.

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