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Early Autumn, Year 1


Van Ryzin played by Dora
Sklaer Van Ryzin
5 Male Registered, Rogue
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https://www.deviantart.com/castlegraphics/art/RRZ-124-735849916, https://www.deviantart.com/castlegraphics/art/RRZ-11-602332678
Attributes Statistics
Height: 3 ft Weight: 180 lbs Covered from head to toe in smoldering ash, Van Ryzin is a multitude of colors mixed together. In the sun, he can be as brilliant as the red flames of molten lava, while in shrouded in shadow, he might seem as black as knight. Tufts of silver touch upon his face and chest, running up the length of his inner legs as well, though not from age, but rather from birth. Always appearing much older than he actually is, if it weren't for his massive build he may very well be confused for a male in his declining years. Though not exactly built for speed, when it comes to raw power this beast of a man can maneuver with the best of them and have the strength to pull his enemy to the ground. If there was one thing about Van Ryzin that stands out above the rest, it would be his fusha hued eyes, which is in direct contrast to the brute as a whole.
Van Ryzin is very straight to the point. No bullshit. He gets in, gets out, and cleans house, so to speak. He doesn't really do idle chatter, and even in his down time he is a man of little words, and many actions. If one were to classify him, he would best fit into the true neutral zone, where as he sees little evil or good, and preforms both with neither intent. He will just as soon kill as he will save, and while he can be pleaded with, if there is little gain for the brute, he will unlikely interfere. He does, however, live for the hunt, and can be very single minded when it comes to his prey. He is a tenacious creature and will carry on until he is spent and quite literally cannot continue. Heaven help the creature that comes between he and his prey.
Born: Outside Kaos ...and so it continues...
Colors: Russet, black, brown, white
Eyes: Purple
Combat: 2 Scouting: 3
Fortitude: 0 Magic: 0

Health Notes:
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