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Early Autumn, Year 1


Andromeda played by Dora
Andromeda Leventis-Constantinus
3 Years Female Cosmos, Queen
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https://www.deviantart.com/castlegraphics/art/IWC-659-730033149, https://www.deviantart.com/castlegraphics/art/IWC-732-730823715
Attributes Statistics
Height: 2.5 Ft Weight: 135 lbs A brilliant silvery white, Andromeda sports the pelt of Leventis bloodline, only the faintest of charcoal webbing through her coat along her back and tail. Overall solid, her body well proportioned for most situations, agility, speed and strength are all qualities this female posses. Her pelt is soft, almost like that of spun silk, its length reflective of her royal blood and breeding. Just as her silver tinted fur gleams like the moons beams, so do her aqua shaded eyes, always bright in any light of day.
Though raised in a kind and loving family, Andromeda harbors a darkness within that had slipped into the Leventis line. It starts small... a tendency to look down her nose at others... but the potential, the true darkness that lurks need only glimpse one season into the past... Luckily for Andromeda though, she was passed into the care of a great queen, one which honored the codes of the land and taught her son's princess to open her heart and love. A bond formed in the most unlikely of partnerships... Andromeda grew to care deeply for those she considered family. As for mercy... only time would tell if her blood would be thicker than her new bonds.
Born into the Leventis bloodline, a Princess in every right, Andromeda was gifted to the King and Queen of Cosmos, a peace offering for the continued alliance per treaty created by the great grandfathers of old. Since delivered at a young age, barely off her mothers milk, Andromeda grew to adulthood in the house of Cosmos, Princess of Jericho, future Queen of Cosmos, betrothed to the first born prince. When the great war took place, all royal women and children were well hidden, protected by royal guards and kept safe until the outcome of the battle was nothing but whispers upon the lips of survivors. Three years after her arrival, Andromeda is finally crowned the Queen of Cosmos, her family both slaughtered and exalted, leaving only one victorious kingdom... one which would bow to her rule.
Coat: White/Gray/Black
Eyes: Blue
Combat: 0 Scouting: 0
Fortitude: 0 Magic: 1

Health Notes:
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