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Early Autumn, Year 1


Cyprian played by Sylvirr
Cyprian Gven'Havel
5 Male Registered, Rogue
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Background - FairieGoodMother @DA Wolf - Dawnthieves.de
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Golden and white, an older wolf with a somewhat grizzled appearance. He has been through a lot in life. One eye is missing, though the remaining eye is a brilliant blue, lending well to his gold and cream appearance. His fur is thick--he is built for colder temperatures, though it is clear from his musculature that he has traveled and is practiced in various things.
Quiet and thoughtful. He is a man who thinks first and foremost before he speaks, taking his time to form a comprehensive thought before sharing it with the world. That said, he comes off as well-versed and well-traveled, and he is. He can often seem absent-minded, though he's really just deep in thought. Overall, he is a kind and helpful man. who's only wish s to help educate and protect.
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