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Early Autumn, Year 1


Gemini played by Exararcian
Gemini Constantinus
3 Years Male Cosmos, Rogue
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Avatar Image base: https://www.deviantart.com/seductive-stock/art/Wolf-22-200105855 Profile Image base: https://www.deviantart.com/seductive-stock/art/Wolf-21-200104757
Attributes Statistics
Height: 34 inches. Weight: 140 lbs. Gemini is a mix of shades of grey, with brown hues mixed in. His darkest fur tends towards the top of his body, and lightens going down, save for a splash of white right behind his neck. What is perhaps most striking about him, however, are the eyes: his left eye is green, and right eye is magenta. (He tends to call them his 'good' and 'bad' side, respectively.)
Gemini Dioscuri Constantinus is, despite the rules of his pack, relatively easy-going himself. Friendly, but private, he prefers his own counsel to that of others more often than not, with few exceptions. He adaptable and flexible within a certain range, but beyond that, he is incredibly strict. Compromise is ideal, but only within a reasonable distance. If he has any weaknesses, it’s that his attention can vary depending on his interest, and his patience for tasks that aren’t to his liking tends to be shorter than normal. He is also, despite being somewhat quick, also a bit prone to a wandering mind.
Gemini was born to the bloodline of Constantinus, firstborn son of his father, and from an early age, betrothed to Andromeda of Jericho. While raised as a prince, he is still young, and was not entirely prepared for leadership so soon. But with his father dead from the war, Gemini is not about to shirk his most sacred responsibility, and ready or not, must try to bring his house back out of the ashes of the war that nearly tore them asunder.
Coat: Brown, White, Cream, Russet
Eyes: Pink, Magenta, Green
Combat: 1 Scouting: 1
Fortitude: 0 Magic: 0

Health Notes:
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