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Early Autumn, Year 1


Oryx played by Plymouth
3 Years Female Rogue, Rogue
No Information No Information
Plymouth (reference image)
HOTNStock @ DA (Wolf image)
Heather Shevlin @ Unsplash (Background)
Attributes Statistics
26in • 47lbs

click for image

Long and lanky, this she-wolf is all legs on a wiry body. She's made for running across desert sands quickly while searching for the next watering hole. Her body is efficient at dispersing heat with its short fur and long ears but in the cold she tends to suffer. Her large ears are excellent at picking up things that might be hiding from her and with her slender body she can chase down most anything over the sands. Oryx is one of the fastest wolves one will ever meet and she knows it. However, while she has speed she is not particularly strong and thus spends most of her time scavenging if she can't find prey small enough to take down. Her legs are her asset in the blistering heat and she tries to keep from injuring them --or anything else-- on foolhardy endeavors. Along with speed this wolf is fairly agile, which is aided by a longer than average tail.

In coloration, Oryx is baked in the sands of the desert with tans and creams across the main part of her body. She blends in well to any sort of desert biome which is all well and good because that's where she prefers to roam. Her ears, tail, and the side stripe that helped give her her name are all a darker brown. She's lighter on her belly as well as her four paws and muzzle. Her eyes are like two suns, an intense golden yellow.
A carefree spirit who enjoys the thrill of life and the ability to run unbound to chains. For now her paws tend to take her wherever she pleases but only because she broke away from her familial pack. Loyalty is there in her veins, she was taught it from a young age. To love those she grew close to and to offer her services freely to any place she called home... but that's only if she found somewhere to call home and anyone to develop bonds with. As such, trust is hard-earned but not broken once won.

Along with her quick paws, Oryx has a quick mouth to match. She's clever and enjoys a verbal joust and witty banter. Keeps the mind stimulated and heart entertained. She knows who she can do this with though, and knows that some wolves are more sensitive than others... but hurt feelings sometimes are accidentally a cause of her words. Usually she's quick with an apology because she's fully aware of her sass but if there's someone who's rubbed her the wrong way she's likely to turn up her nose and laugh. And what if it came to blows? Well, Oryx is not one to fight. She chooses her battles wisely... That is to say she usually chooses to run. Cowardly? Perhaps but she knows where her strength lies and it's not in fighting wolves far larger than her. Run away and live to scavenge another day, is her motto. Still, she'll likely run her mouth up until that point and a little while after, especially if it's in the defense of a friend.
She was born in the Western deserts to a pair of newly dispersed wolves. They raised their pups in the traditional way and their children left after age 2. This is how Oryx came to be on her own. For a while she traveled with her sister, Gazelle, but in the end her sister ended up pairing off with someone. Now she wanders alone, enjoying life until the next best thing comes along.
Colors: Cream, white, brown

Eyes: Yellow

Combat: 0 Scouting: 3
Fortitude: 2 Magic: 2

Health Notes:
None yet
Strengths: Oryx will have a greater lung capacity than most wolves, a gift for holding the power of wind. Her speed will be enhanced and in areas where the wind rules --plains, deserts, grasslands-- her strength will flourish and her powers will come to her more easily.

Weaknesses: Where air/wind is not prevalent she has difficulty using her abilities and must use greater concentration to maintain control i.e. a cave due to the stagnant air or dense forests that tend to block the wind off. She also loses control of her abilities in blistering cold. The North is a bane to her and weakens her powers to the extent that she cannot reliably use her speed boost or long jump. The cold will also seem to sap away her strength moreso than before her magic manifested itself. The more time spent in the cold the less and less she will be able to do and the more taxing it will become physically. Staying in the cold for longer than a day will cause her powers to all but disappear until she gets to a warmer climate.

Any overexertion of her powers can cause symptoms similar to if she's been holding her breath/has been deprived of oxygen. These symptoms can fall anywhere from a light headache, vertigo, irregular heartbeats, to blacking out if she's not careful. At level 0 she's far more prone to more severe side effects from overuseage than if she were level 5. What is listed below in each level is not the end-all be all to her side-effects. If she tries to push herself too far at any level there is always a chance of any of these negative traits appearing, especially when performing in coldness or stagnant/blocked wind.


Lvl 0-
Speed Boost: can run faster for the duration of one post
-Dizziness, mild headache, spots in vision

Long Jump: can extend jump up to 3 feet, one post duration
-Dizziness, mild headache, spots in vision

Lvl 1-
Speed Boost: can run faster for duration of one post
-Dizziness, mild headache, feeling of not being able to catch her breathe

Long Jump: can extend jump up to 6 feet, one post duration
-Dizziness, mild headache

Gust: create small gusts of wind, able to shift tiny objects (pebbles, feathers, etc.), one post duration -Feeling of not being able to catch her breathe, mild headaches

Lvl 2-
Speed Boost: can run faster for duration of two posts
-Dizziness, confusion, headache

Long Jump: can extend jump up to 12 feet, two post duration
-Dizziness, confusion, headache

Descent: can slow her falls with wind, the longer the fall the more likely she is to suffer severe side effects as well as sprains/broken bones, one post duration -Feeling of not being able to breathe, headache, confusion, broken bones/sprains/blacking out (if not able to land in time)

Gust: can make stronger gusts of wind, now able to move slightly larger objects (larger pebbles, seashells, etc.) by wind control and clever positioning of herself, one post duration
-Feeling of not being able to breathe, headache, confusion

Shield: can create a shield for herself using air, better at stopping magical attacks, physical attacks will power through, cannot use while any other powers are in use, will shift damage to a different area if blocking a higher level magic attack, one post duration -Requires all her focus, spots in vision, holding too long causes blacking out
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