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Early Autumn, Year 1


Vex played by Stormie
Vex Cruor
2 Years Female Sacrarium, Vicera
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Image by Lina T. of Dawnthieves.
Attributes Statistics
Vex is predominantly a rich cream color, though she has your typical Eurasian colors and markings, if slightly muted. Her sides are a mix of cream and russet, and she has black saddling and ticking, with brown mixed in on her flanks and tail. On her face, the russet touches the backs of her ears and the brown on the bridge of her nose, and she has the normal black ticking above her brows, trailing across her forehead and ending at the fringes of her cheeks. Her eyes are a vibrant, fiery orange. Average for her size, but quite muscular, Vex is 2.6 feet tall at the shoulder, and weighs 103 pounds.
Aggressive - Impulsive, quick to anger, and excessively dominant, Vex is no stranger to aggression. Ever-ready to fight, Vex finds some pleasure in pain, which only makes her more volatile in the end.

Carnal - Vex is a creature of lust, greed, and power - and what better way is there to fulfill those needs? Though she only truly cares for one, maybe two people in her life, Vex has no qualms about who she shares her nights with... so long as they have something to offer her, of course. More often than not, Vex will attempt to use her sex to get what she wants.

Dominant - Born to lead and with no desire to do anyone's bidding, Vex is highly dominant. She considers herself to be above all others, and relishes in the chance to put those beneath her in their proper place.

Stubborn - Vex's ideas are the best ideas - according to her, at least. Stubborn to a fault, she rarely admits when she is wrong, and will typically only do so if it's to save face.

Vengeful - For most, getting on Vex's bad side will be the last thing you do. When wronged, Vex is fueled by revenge and hatred, and to her, severe injury is the only way to make things right. At times, Vex can be blinded by her need for vengeance.

A native of Kaos, Vex was born to Jaganatha and Nera - Nera is now deceased. She has one half-brother, Vorilye, born to Jaganatha and Desna Tuke, Desna is also deceased. A former member of Valoton, Vex and the Cruor family were exiled when Vex was a year and a half old, supposedly for the death of Desna Tuke. During the Summer of Year 1, Vex and her family formed Sacrarium, with Vex leading them as Vicera.
Colors: Cream, russet, black, brown, white

Eyes: Orange

Combat: 4 Scouting: 1
Fortitude: 0 Magic: 1

Health Notes:
None yet
Able to control electricity and thunder.

Exceptionally empowered abilities during any storm that produces lightning.
Empowered abilities during wet weather.

Cannot use her abilities when standing on stony terrain.
Loose soil (sand, gravel, etc.) weakens the strength of her abilities.
Standing in or on water causes her abilities to harm her.

Current Abilities

LVL 0 - Can summon thunder, weak electric shocks. Causes extreme fatigue.
LVL 1 - Melee-range electric shocks, stronger than lvl 0, can briefly disrupt others with a momentary stun. Causes fatigue and blurred vision.
LVL 2 - Close-range electric attacks, can create strong thunder (ground-shaking), can discharge electricity in a small spherical area (about 3 feet). Fatigue, blurred vision, mild heart arrhythmia (irregular beating).
LVL 3 - Mid-range electric attacks, can disrupt an attack via a one-time-use electric shield. Can summon a lightning bolt. Less fatigue, but now must deal with weakness, usage of her powers may cause her to black out.
LVL 4 - Much more powerful, long-range electric attacks, may summon a miniature storm (30 foot diameter), thunder can cause temporary deafness, lightning can blind temporarily, she can now "overload" a single attack, but this puts her at risk to have her heart stop beating (potentially lethal).
LVL 5 - mastery of the storm. She can "ride" lightning to essentially teleport (move as fast as lightning) up to 5 miles away. She is chronically lightning-charged when using her powers, which can cause heavy shocks, burns, both to her and any attackers. She can discharge this in an "ultimate" attack, but then she has no energy left to use other abilities.

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