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Early Autumn, Year 1


Cassiopeia played by Stormie
Cassiopeia Constantinus
6 years Female Cosmos, Queen Mother
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Stock by Bine G. of Dawnthieves.
Attributes Statistics
3 ft tall and 100 lbs, Cassiopeia is long and lean, her features perfectly angled. Quite pale, she is mostly cream in color, though the cream fades to white along her belly, face, and the insides of her legs. There are touches of russet interwoven in her fur, most noticeable on her ears, tail and sparsely peppered along her back. A heavy black saddle lays across her back and trails all the way down to the tip of her tail. Her eyes are like shards of ice, a pale blue that will chill even the warmest of hearts.
A veritable ice queen, Cassiopeia cares little for the lives of people around her - save for her children, of course. She is of royal blood, and she acts as such, her head always held high, her tone always a touch condescending on a good day. She is conniving, a snake, docile when approached but able to strike without hesitation, at a moment's notice. Cassiopeia has done, and will continue to do, everything to keep her power. As she ages, her mannerisms become even more icy - she lives for herself and for her sole surviving son, Gemini. No one else matters. No one has ever mattered.
An outlander, born far from Kaos, Cassiopeia held the favor of the old Cosmos King, Cepheus, now deceased. After poisoning the King's wife and then-queen Carina, Cassiopeia became the new Queen. She had poisoned her king, too, in more ways than one... the first poison was making him believe that Carina needed to be... removed. Though he knew of her treason, Cassiopeia had the King in her paws, and so, she faced no judgement. The ex-queen's bastard son suspected her on treason, but his attempts to find proof offered little more than a suspicion.

After gaining power, Cassiopeia became pregnant with three children - Corvus, Gemini, and Cepheus the Second. All but Gemini ended up perishing in the war against Jericho.

Older now, Cassiopeia has settled down as the Queen Mother of her fractured pack, and her secrets are hers alone.

Colors: Cream, white, black, russet

Eyes: Blue

Combat: 5 Scouting: 1
Fortitude: 2 Magic: 0

Health Notes:
-26 health for a successful hunt here.
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