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Early Autumn, Year 1


Naunet played by Dora
4 Years Female Rogue, Rogue
No Information No Information
Attributes Statistics
Height: 3'0"
Weight: 90 lbs
Very much a dainty doll with long flowing locks of mahogany and a tail that seems to go on for miles, Nanuet sports a lighter brown coloration to her muzzle, limbs and 'eyebrows', allowing her for some very interesting expressions. She stands quite tall for her weight, long wispy limbs elevating her, her pinched waist almost unnatural. If it weren't for her luxurious pelt, her ribs would be entirely visible, despite how much she might consume on a regular basis.
Apathetic - Despite having little apathy for others, Nanuet holds a wide range of emotions, and while she may feel a certain way, rarely does she allow those emotions to show. She will, however, act upon said emotions, especially when it comes to squashing those deserving of nothing less.
Quick Tempered - In a sense. It's not that one can anger Nanuet easily as much as she is quick to react to situations she does not like, and it tends to end up unfavorable for those who oppose her. Due to her apathetic nature, even a small blight might be met with the most destructive force... or not. It all depends upon the mood in which she is in.
The Lighter Side - Though seemingly impossible, Nanuet does feel sorrow and joy, and with the right individual, she could quite possibly be considered a friend or lover... though the moment loyalty waivers, they are dead to her... and usually, quite literally.
Abandoned to the sea as a sacrificial lamb to appease the gods, Nanuet was washed upon the shore of a remote island. She managed to survive the harsh reality of the world in which she'd been deposited, but years of isolation corrupted an already broken heart, and didn't leave much for mending. Though means of supernatural nature, Nanuet was forced once again from that which she called home, and now resides within Kaos.
Colors: Brown Eyes: Blue
Combat: 1 Scouting: 0
Fortitude: 0 Magic: 3

Health Notes:
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