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Early Autumn, Year 1


Orianna played by Dora
Orianna Moone
2 Years Female Sacrarium, Pupil
No Information No Information
Attributes Statistics
Height: 2ft
Weight: 60lbs
Orianna could be described in one word, stunning. Although very small in stature, her body barely reaching the height of an adult wolf, the rest of her is perfectly proportioned. Petite, her chest narrow, her legs long, Orianna is a tiny little bombshell. Though proportioned well, it is obvious the fae was built more for speed rather than fighting, as her form has obvious visual cues of an athlete. From head to toe, her creamy off-white color is only accented by tinges of beige darkening around her eyes, ears, spine and tail. Their patterns almost like light reflecting upon the surface of a pond. Her eyes however, are ultimately Orianna's best feature. A mixture of red blue and yellow, twisting and turning within her iris' giving the illusion one is looking into a beam light reflecting off the glossy surface of a crystal.
Orianna is an interesting sort of personality. On one hand, she is devoted to those she cares for. On another, that care may not be reciprocated, but that would be no deterrent. Obsession and possession are a driving force to Orianna's personality, but they do not necessarily rule over her. She holds a great capacity for love, and it can both overwhelm and uplift those around her. Despite her unique personality, she is quite extroverted, enjoying the company of others and all the attention they rain down upon her... be it good or bad. Always looking for opportunities, Orianna will take advantage of what she can to get what she wants. Even if it means burning a few bridges to get there.
Voice Reference: Peggie Lee

Theme Song

No Family Known
Coat: Cream, White
Eye Color: Rainbow (heterochromia)
Combat: 1 Scouting: 2
Fortitude: 0 Magic: 1

Health Notes:
-43 health for a successful hunt here.

-27 health for a failed hunt here.

Level 0: Can grow small plant life or manipulate already existing plants. Extended use of power can cause nausea, overextending power use can drain stamina and cause fatigue.
No Information
No Information