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Early Autumn, Year 1


Death played by Dora
3 Years Male Rogue, Rogue
No Information No Information
Attributes Statistics
Height: 3 ft
Weight: 200 lbs
You can describe Death with one word. Massive. He is a beast of a wolf, build to do immediate damage. Of course with that, he is not very agile, and the bulk of his muscles make that very apparent. Surprisingly light in color despite the darkness associated with death, Death's coat is mostly hue's of light grey and white, the standard fading of a Timber. The coarseness of his fur however, as well as the evident scaring just further express this creatures nature. With eyes as yellow as the night moon, his star can be seen even in the darkest of places.
Edit 1: Death now has a damaged left eye; Death now is adorned with a scarred left half of his face with clear teeth imprints and a left eye that looks like:
Click to See Image
Death is a natural born leader, a being created to reign in the other horseman and keep them on track. Created to be the ultimate bringer of death, the actual cause for the soul to leave the body, Death is intensely focused and demanding of his brothers. Unlike what most might think of Death as, he is not patient, nor is he forgiving. Very short tempered and ready to take immediate action at all times, Death is very alert and aware of his surroundings. No being is any different to him than the one before. He would just as easily end the life of a newborn pup as he would the more virile wolf. Not urged by anything other than the death of others, it would be uncommon for this brute to take a mate. However, in this instance of existence, nature does have a hand in Death's urges however, so anything is possible. One thing can be sure, if any were to cross this brutes path, it would be best for them to move along should even the smallest utterance capture his attention.
Voice Reference: David Michael Draiman

Pestilence ~ Famine ~ War ~ Conquest ~ Strife (Brothers) ~ Fury (Sister)
Coat: White, Grey
Eye Color: Yellow
Combat: 2 Scouting: 0
Fortitude: 0 Magic: 1

Health Notes:
None yet
No Information
No Information
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