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Early Autumn, Year 1


Tikhiy played by Ferris
2 Years Other Inactive, Rogue
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Kati H. of DawnThieves:
- https://www.dawnthieves.de/red-foxes/9m-black/pup9m16gelsenkirchenkati-knicky-04-7958
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Tikhiy stands at a height a fair bit shorter than most others of his species at 2 feet tall. A neurological condition that manifested itself heavily in the form of texture aversion as a puppy condemned him to grow up frail and stunted. With a lackluster 50 pounds of weight to throw around on a frame that is already considerably smaller than average, little speculation is required to safely conclude that he would much prefer to blend in with the shadows. Although his size is a source of insecurity for him, he has learned to utilize it to his advantage. While a considerable pelt length aids him in appearing at least slightly larger than what his bones would suggest, there is a certain perk that comes with others overlooking and underestimating him.

His fur is perhaps one of the things he takes the most pride in - either that, or his neurotic habit of grooming to self-soothe has the added benefit of keeping his appearance tidy and personable. Rich plumes of chestnut that harbor the slightest curl to their texture around his nape, back, and neck stand out and refuse to lay flat regardless of how many times he washes his tongue over them. Saturated copper highlights act as a brilliant crown that frames his darker face and gives him the resemblance of a fruit bat or a cross fox. A berkshire triangle of milky white runs along his chest and his belly, finally ending at his lower abdomen.

Tikhiy's facial features are sleek and soft, with the exception of a narrow and elongated muzzle that slopes from his small forehead. At the end of it, a chocolate button nose can be observed every time it's not buried within the pelt of a loved one. Affixed atop his head rests a pair of erect and fluffy ears that sport the same color as his pelt; the only peculiarity about them is the way that the right one folds up towards his head in a permanent crinkle, akin to a piece of bark partially bent away from a tree. The cartilage in said ear has been damaged ever since he was a puppy, allowing him to grow into the injury proportionately.

His eyes, with their trademark shades of warm honey brown and sky blue, are forever wide open and staring ahead with pinned pupils in anticipation of certain danger that lingers like an incessant gnat on his mind. Active and constantly scanning their surroundings, one would be able to witness the anticipation and fear of the uncertain reflected within their depths if they were able to get a close look. Due to Tikhiy's aversion to eye contact of any kind, the task is rendered nearly impossible, helping him to keep his true feelings and intention hidden from others.

Thin and bony shoulders streamline their way into skinny front legs. Running along the edge of his body, curly fur tufts coat his slender sides and, partially, the dip of what little hip he owns. While his figure is scrawny, a copious amount of fluff hides the most jarring parts of his appearance but only serves to further bulk up what he manages to have going for him. While his leg muscles are well-defined and strong to aid him in running, a cushiony layer of body fat rests on his thighs where his genetic makeup has oddly chosen to store it, giving him an awkward build of skinny that suddenly bottoms out into drumsticks. A large and prominent burn scar has eroded the fur on his left thigh, broadcasting a painful memory which he prefers not to talk about.

While Tikhiy makes an honest effort to conduct himself in a manner as firm and confident as possible, the long steps that make up his gait and the posturing of holding his head high looks visibly forced and unnatural. If one were to observe him without his knowledge, they would likely find him dropping appearances for the sake of intimidation, and instead slinking around with haste and keeping his head down low. His body tends to swing between hesitant or even stiff with tension, yet his movements and physical intent remain swift and precise. His posture leaves little to be desired as he rarely lifts his head or doesn't allow his shoulders to hike in anticipation, but the ease of which he can utilize spacial awareness and weave through tight spaces and natural objects is nothing short of impressive.

If one were to get him to talk at all, for that matter - for as his name suggests, he is rather soft-spoken - they would find his voice to be low, quiet, and raspy. A breathy edge clings to every rare word uttered by Tikhiy due to asthma straining his lungs, encouraging him even further to steer towards any ink grey on a spectrum between quiet and mute. The only exceptions to these habits of vocal expression can be found in the form of his mate and his best friend - Sunflower and Phoenix - both wolves who he laughs openly and comfortably with.
One is rarely mistaken in assuming that an individual who harbors a healthy amount of suspicion for the world has seen a fair share of hardship in their life. Tikhiy is no exception to this delicate balance, allowing an upbringing built on survivalism of both the mind and the body to both shape him. Despite this, one would be mistaken to assume that an anti-social nature and a disdain for fellow members of a shared species always goes hand in hand with a lack of empathy; in fact, a deep sense of empathy is perhaps one of the healthiest aspects of Tikhiy's personality. A large emotional capacity and warmth that he is happy to extend towards very select few are what fulfill him the most to utilize.

Towards everyone else, he holds a very cynical view near and dear to his heart.

Allowing a hearty suspicion and bitterness to go unchallenged for several years of his life has allowed this seed to grow into lush foliage, its vines twisting around his neck like a leash that yanks him away to avoid all strangers regardless of how well-intended and friendly they may seem. Repeat offenders from his past who eagerly took advantage of his trust and naivety have allowed him to cultivate an exceptionally paranoid mind, rendering his view on the population murky at best, and damaged irreparably at worst. Due to the cynicism and mistrust that he carries, like healthy ticks burrowed beneath his pelt and biting into his side, Tikhiy exhibits avoidant and distant behavior when it comes to working with others - something particularly devastating for wolves, given that their survival is rooted in teamwork. Despite the empathy he carries plenty of, he is also completely self-serving in favor of self-preservation. Both pups and adults crying for help would be ignored in favor of running away from whatever dangers they could need help with.

Birthed by the desire to understand how the confusing and sometimes even maddening world operates, he has allowed conspiracy theories to run rampant in his mind in some desperate attempt to gain control. It could easily be argued that believing the earth is flat and that wolves exist on the moon are all merely fantasies he uses as a coping mechanism, choosing to escape from the reality he knows to be both true and terrifying. Either that, or it's entirely possible the Tikhiy finds a sense of security in having some kind of knowledge that others don't. Regardless of reason, his ability to suspend disbelief and completely buy into theory as fact before proven renders him very malleable and easily swayed; even by things that hold little to no logical credence.

The majority of his life being spent under the heavy criticism of parents who ruled both pack and his identity with an iron fist has sculpted Tikhiy into a perfectionist. Always observant enough to find some sort of fault in either himself or his work, anything less than perfection is bad and perfection is required - subconsciously - for him to justify his existence. Regardless of how fast or efficient he performs a task asked of him, it will never be good enough for him to feel satisfied. Riddled with insomnia and haunting thoughts, Tikhiy busies himself frantically, thus paving a steady dead end to burnout that his near-nearsightedness doesn't allow him to see in advance. Busying himself prevents him the opportunity of getting to think too much.

Another result of his upbringing manifests in the great amount of independence Tikhiy holds that has helped him to survive for so long. While self-preservation is done out of instinctual fear rather than out of any respect he has for himself, his perception and sensitivity have both made him ultimately self-reliant and able to hold his own well. Despite being physically weak, an incredibly sharp and adaptable mind that can easily read between the lines of social encounters helps him to talk his way out of any troubles. However, understanding social climates doesn't mean he's particularly good at leading them, and one can often find him stuttering or mumbling things that seem dry or unsure.

True to the quiet nature that his name suggests to expect of him, he prefers to keep even positive emotions entirely concealed in favor of remaining secretive. Paranoid of how others could harm or manipulate him, this stunted difficulty with emoting and self-expression is a great source of frustration for both those who are close to him and sometimes even himself. Opening up even through natural body language is hard, giving him the initial impression of awkwardness or disrespect that most find offense within. Delusions of intense mistrust to the point of sheer irrationality guide him through every decision he makes, intensifying under great stress and encouraging him to sever relationships with others that could have otherwise been wonderfully beneficial. Isolation as a coping mechanism is, unfortunately, a familiar concept to him.

Incredibly fickle and obsessive, even slight details that others gloss over can come back and bite him, leaving him scratching at himself long after they depart. While one could understandably assume that his need for things both incredibly specific and orderly in nature makes him seem uptight, certain rituals and routines are very important comforts to his overactive mind that some things will always stay the same. For his own protection in the event that these things don't happen, an incredible foresight has been trusted as a tactic that allows him to easily see just how and where things can go wrong. As such, over-analyzing and daydreaming about a solution for every possible bad outcome keeps him prepared for the worst, and thus makes him feel safer in return.

It's an endless cycle of worrying.

If one is willing to tolerate Tikhiy's odd mannerisms and suspicious nature and actually gain his trust, they will be thrilled to find a rich - although slightly unconventional - sense of dry and sarcastic humor underneath. Laughing at little specific things that are unique or eccentric is one of the best ways that he knows to bond and communicate with another. Those who manage to gain his trust will also find that despite his nervy flightiness otherwise, Tikhiy is an incredibly reliable friend. His loyalty runs deep and genuine to a fault for those who can manage to break down his walls, for they are far and few between. An unwavering dedication and desire to serve will follow those who are honest and good to him, even at the price of self-sacrifice. He'll hunt your favorite prey when you're upset. He'll listen to you pour your heart out by moonlight without saying a single word.

The only condition is gaining his trust - a task that most eventually give up on.
Born in territory far away to a shocking litter of one, Tikhiy - who was not bestowed this name upon birth - arrived to symbolize, according to his parents, a great punishment. They had been too late setting up their pack and establishing territory, and the prime of their youth had withered away and had left them with only a single pup to be heir to their small and barely established pack. With his father's personal goal being to dominate a large span of territory, a single pup was not enough. He soon left Tikhiy and his mother alone, going off in search of recruits.

Ever since puphood, Tikhiy proved himself to be fairly different from others. Developing at a much slower pace than most and hitting milestones abnormally late, being entirely mute did little to help his mother appreciate the one offspring she had managed to welcome into the world. Busy as a temporarily single mother, Tikhiy was often left alone as his only parent, now tasked with the responsibility to find food for both of them, was simply too busy for him. Only being able to communicate in vague gestures and noises birthed copious amounts of tension at the end of every week when his father would return to check on them.

Obsessed with his pack and showcasing intense separation anxiety, Tikhiy finally forced himself to learn to speak in attempts to chase after his father, wanting to impress the elusive masculine figure that he looked up to so dearly. The lack of emotional availability left him anxious and unable to refer to healthy ways of processing emotions, birthing the habits of obsessive chewing and rocking.

Nothing was wrong with their child - that was, until something was wrong. No longer able to deny the odd mannerisms that their pup exhibited, Tikhiy's parents finally had an explosive argument over whether or not their only offspring was - or even could be - in any way neurodivergent. The aggressive denial of his condition led to his mother being forced to suppress it as well, leading Tikhiy to grow into fragile and unsteady paws.

Eventually, a few recruits - mainly dispersals - joined their pack, bringing with them pups of all ages. Tikhiy attempted to play the imaginative and social-based games that female pups preferred to indulge in, but found himself more often than not just wanting to run around roughhousing and observe bugs with the males of his age. Cast away by females for being too eccentric, he soon became known as one of the males, much more interested in their traditional forms of play.

Soon, the image of a perfect family began to crumble as Tikhiy grew and disobeyed, as pups do. The incessant screaming of his father was enough to scare off all flocks of birds nearby, as well as the gnashing teeth that often made purchase with his skin as he was shoved over into the dirt. Whether it was physical or verbal abuses issued to him, the image of Tikhiy slinking off with glassy eyes and his tail between his legs soon became too much for the members that his father had worked so diligently to recruit, and they took their pups before his dominating masculinity could corrupt them as well.

Viewing Tikhiy at fault, his father grew to resent him even more.

As a teenager, he finally decided that enough was enough after an explosive fight with his father that permanently damaged his ear. Running away from his parents and coming across a young female around his age, the two decided it was only logical that they stuck together to hunt - that was, until he would be pressured into making it official and becoming mates. Tikhiy, uninterested in this, tried to politely refuse time and time again; however, she was equally as stubborn, and attempted to mount him one night in his sleep.

Fleeing for a second time wasn't the ideal situation he had imagined himself in, but he was relieved to find himself mingling with a group of three female dispersals who were happy to take on an additional to help support their hunting endevours. Due to the three being a bonded pair adding in a stranger, however, Tikhiy's true role as a scapegoat soon became apparent as they lashed out at him to silence himself and socially ostracized him for the things he did find humor in and attempt to share with him. Only able to withstand this treatment for a few months due to the fact that they also expected him to hunt for them, Tikhiy left once more by moonlight.

By daylight, a brilliant snowy pelt filled his vision, glowing with the halo of the sun. Tikhiy changed for the better on the day he met Sunflower. The two quickly became friends and grew close over the span of months, hunting and wandering aimlessly in search of something Sunflower sought but didn't know where to find. Through months of time spent together in good company and the manner of which the white-furred wolf treated him better than anyone else in his life had, Tikhiy found his heart swelling every time he drank in the scent of his companion.

Much to the shy wolf's luck, Sunflower ended up confessing first.

Forming an alliance with a nearby splinter pack of dispersals, Phoenix and Winters, was their first call of action to establishing their own. Yet accidentally, as these things tend to happen, Tikhiy and Sunflower grew exceptionally close with the pair over time and decided to bridge the gap between two packs and simply become one.

When it was discovered that several members of their new pack did not feel tied down to their assigned sex when it came to personal identity, Tikhiy finally learned there was a name for the feelings he had experienced long before sexual maturity, and chose to identify openly as a male. Phoenix granted him his new name to commemorate the experience.

Finding family where he least expected it, Tikhiy now comfortably rests in the company of other warm sleeping bodies, their bellies full and their confidence even fuller.

Despite this, an anxious nagging tells him that something lurks just around the corner.
Colors: Brown, black, russet, white

Eyes: Brown (right), blue (left) heterochromia

Combat: 0 Scouting: 2
Fortitude: 2 Magic: 0

Health Notes:
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