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Early Autumn, Year 1


Lucifer played by Stormie
3 Years Male Rogue, Rogue
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Avatar by Jessi S. & profile banner by Lina T. of Dawnthieves
Attributes Statistics
First Glance - Massive, burly, brusque and intimidating, Lucifer is all of these things at first glance. He carries himself haughtily, like royalty, and his intense golden gaze looks as if it could burn through fur and flesh. He doesn't look friendly, but neither does he look hostile. He is simply Lucifer.

Build - Heavily muscled, Lucifer stands tall and proud, well above most other males. He is a beast, every step rippling with raw power. With thick, coarse fur, he looks bigger than he actually is, and with a gaze to cast the weak-willed to the earth, he is truly something to be respected.

Colors & Markings - Dappled in light russets and inky blacks, Lucifer is a rather pale timber wolf. He features deep creams and whites, touching his face, his unders, and much of his long legs. Like most timbers, Lucifer is ticked with grays and browns, most noticeable across his brow and interspersed along his back, rump and tail.

Assertive - Loud-spoken and undeterred by nothing, Lucifer makes it known if he has an issue with something. Decisive and self-confident, he also finds no trouble in pushing for something he believes is necessary.

Confrontational - If ever there is strife, one is sure to find Lucifer near the head of it. He does not pick fights from joy, however, but knows that striking first is, at times, necessary. He knows, too, that conflict is often necessary in order to spur actions and decisions.

Headstrong - Stubborn, impulsive, bull-headed, all of these things could be used to describe Lucifer. He is always one to push his point, perhaps too far at times, though he never learns - or perhaps, doesn't care. Progress and victory in all things, this is what Lucifer strives for, and he will not let anyone or anything stop him. Truly, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Studious - Sometimes quiet, brooding, one might say, Lucifer makes it a point to learn more. More about his enemies, more about strangers, more about the instincts and nature of others. Lucifer never makes claims or confronts anyone without cause, and it's undeniable that he has a certain strength of mind.

Lucifer is an outsider of Kaos.
Colors: Russet, cream, white, black, brown

Eyes: Brown

Combat: 3 Scouting: 0
Fortitude: 0 Magic: 2

Health Notes:
None yet
Empath; ability to read thoughts and emotions from others.


Better resistances to magical damage as he can "read" any incoming attacks.


Subject to feel whatever his target feels at an amplified amount.
Powerful emotions (joy, ecstasy, despair, rage, etc.) can overwhelm him and ultimately deaden his own emotions.

Current Abilities

LVL 0 - Can sense surface emotions and/or very strong emotions for up to 1 round. Can hear thoughts so long as they are directed at him for up to 1 round. (Side effects include mild mental exhaustion, a short temperament, confusion).

LVL 1 - Can sense surface emotions for up to 2 rounds, and/or strong emotions for up to 1 round. Can hear any thoughts for up to 1 round. (Side effects include disorientation, confusion, mild mental exhaustion).

LVL 2 - Can sense the truth in one's words for up to 1 round. Can sense emotions that are not at the forefront of someone's mind for up to 1 round. Can influence the emotions of up to 1 target for up to 1 round. (Side effects include moderate mental exhaustion, fits of rage, deadened emotions).

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