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Early Autumn, Year 1


Toke played by Moon Moon
No Information Male Registered, Rogue
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Khalliysgraphy @ DA
Attributes Statistics
Toke is a large earthen hued male sporting classic timber markings with amber eyes.
Cautious: Toke never acts without first considering all possible outcomes. His greatest fear is to have miscalculated his own designs. If he were to misstep, Toke would agonize over his incorrect judgements. He is always careful to move correctly.

Dominant: Toke exudes a presence that belies his otherwise average stature. He expects his will to be met, irregardless of the feelings of those he imposes his will upon. He believes that everyone is of two distinct classes: those that matter, and those that don't.

Manipulative: Almost every word that Toke speaks has a purpose. Usually, that purpose is to curry some form of favor. He never does anything for anyone unless he knows it will benefit him in some way. Toke often honeys his words and offers favors to those that are in a difficult position, if only to ensure they will owe him later.

Observant: Toke is quiet, and always drawn inward. What most others don't understand is that they are always giving off signals and information. Toke is able to recognize an unspoken word or emotion, just by watching his subjects body language. Anything he can glean, no matter how small, is important to him.

Toke is native of Kaos who was born and raised in its northern territories.
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