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Early Autumn, Year 1


Inock played by Madison
Inock Tuke
6 Years Male Deceased, Patriarch
No Information No Information
Inock's photos were taken by me.
Attributes Statistics
Height: 3 ft, Weight: 180 lbs
Inock is a very large, stockily-built man--to the point that he could even be considered portly, with excess fat and muscle layering his torso and rendering his limbs and neck quite thick. His fur is a mixture of silvers, greys, and dark greys, with black ticking along his back and the base of his tail. Pallid white dashes across his cheeks and jaw, chest, stomach, and tail tip, and reaches down his legs to lighten his paws. His most prominent feature would be the dual tones of his eyes--his left being light blue, and his right being a dark shade of teal.

While a multitude of scars visibly lace his body, none stand out more than the other through his plush fur. Inock bares a sort of somber, rugged handsomeness to him, with a visage that is predominantly stoic and serious, save for the occasional flicker of fatherly humor. Observant companions may notice that he is missing the fourth toe on his front right paw. The tips of his ears have suffered frostbite and have no feeling; the skin there is withered and black, giving his ear tips a dark appearance.
Serious, Eloquent, Witty, Self-Sacrificing, Even-Tempered, Religious

Strangers and acquaintances may know Inock to have a serious, even melancholy air to him at times. He has very sobering views of the world as a result of what he has endured, and it is rare to see this facade crack around those he is not particularly close to. However, do not mistake his stoicism for coldness; Inock is capable of incredible fondness for his companions, and will not hesitate to show it given the opportunity to do so in his own special way. He is gracious, self-sacrificing, protective, and a provider for his family in every sense of the word.

Those who have earned his trust and fondness can find a different side of him slowly revealing itself: kind and fair tempered, Inock doesn't shy away from enjoying good times. He possesses a rarely seen wit exercised around those he intends to impress, and a lame, fatherly sense of humor that one may suspect to purposefully elicit groans. He is eloquent and intelligent, and doesn't hide this.

Inock carries with him a strong belief and confidence in the Gods and is known to openly worship Veneri. He views the sky as celestial, and those who possess traits of celestial resemblance to be holy. That said, he is firmly disapproving of those who take celestial or deific qualities for themselves without basis. He believes that nicknames or titles referring to the sky, stars, clouds, weather, etc must be earned or given, and not self-appointed. Those who denounce the Gods or fail to respect them are viewed as heathens to Inock.

Though he doesn't often let his emotions get the better of him, when he does, it's noticeable. Inock is said to sharply lower the air temperature around him when angry, distressed, or sad, giving his rare temperamental outbursts a fearsome countenance.
Inock is a native to the land of Kaos. The pack of Valoton has been led by the Tuke family for generations, and thus Inock has lived within Valoton on the Windswept Steppe for his entire life. In his younger years, he ventured far and often, encountering many opponents that aided him to hone his fighting skills; one such fight led to the loss of a toe.

At two years of age, Inock met who would eventually become his mate: a woman named Eska. They courted, and the next year consummated their union. Eska gave birth to one stillborn and one surviving child: a daughter named Osha. Close to 6 months following Osha's birth, an argument between Inock and Eska led to Eska leaving Valoton and abandoning her family. Inock doesn't like to discuss this period of his life. It was shortly after this that Inock rose to leadership within Valoton, and he has been leading the pack since then, his primary focus being to appreciate what family he has and to raise his daughter into a good person.

Recently, a small group of wolves broke off from Valoton. Inock has received rumors that they started a pack named Sacrarium, and while he harbors no ill will toward them, he dreads what their differing morals have in store for their future.
Colors: Gray, black, white

Eyes: Blue (heterochromatic)

Combat: 3 Scouting: 1
Fortitude: 2 Magic: 2

Health Notes:
None yet
Level 1: Inock can summon brief, icy breezes in his immediate vicinity.

Level 2: Can lower the ambient air temperature 0°C/32°F in his immediate vicinity.

Level 3: Can lower air temperature below freezing and cause frost to form on cool surfaces, such as water, fur, leaves, etc. He can create snow within his immediate vicinity.

Level 4: Can slowly begin to freeze objects around him. Specifically targeted objects require higher concentration.

Level 5: Inock can flash freeze target objects within sight, and combining his ability to summon harsh winds and snow, can create small blizzards in the immediate area.

Inock's magic is primarily an unintentional byproduct of high emotional responses--when he is angry, distressed, sad, alarmed, or even happy. Accidental instances of his magic may leave him with a mild headache. Purposefully attempting to summon his magic can leave him with an intense headache, and depending on the severity of his magic use, with frostbite and dehydration.

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